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Tetra Test Kits

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Tetra - Test Nitrate Kit -29% SOLD OUT

Tetra - Test Nitrate Kit

Tetra Test Nitrate Kit Nitrate is produced from the breakdown of nitrite in the filter. Nitrate ca..

€20.37 €14.37 Ex Tax: €11.68

Tetra - Test Oxygen -29% SOLD OUT

Tetra - Test Oxygen

Tetra Test Oxygen The oxygen concentration in the water of your aquarium or pond is dependent on a..

€19.86 €14.02 Ex Tax: €11.40

Tetra - Test PH Freshwater -30% SOLD OUT

Tetra - Test PH Freshwater

Tetra Test PH Freshwater The Tetra PH Test is a simple to use kit for determining pH levels. Fish d..

€12.16 €8.57 Ex Tax: €6.97

Tetra - Tetra Test Strip 6-In-1 -29%

Tetra - Tetra Test Strip 6-In-1

Tetra Test Strip 6-In-1 Measure six important water quality levels -- nitrate, nitrite, hardness, ..

€18.35 €12.94 Ex Tax: €10.52