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-25% Adaptil Dog Calming Tablets 10's
Adaptil Dog Calming phermone tablets Dogs have different behaviours for different situations, and learn these behaviours based on their experiences. This makes understanding and helping dog behaviour much more complicated. What makes a dog man?s best friend is how well they seem to understand us.? But do we always understand them? Dogs communicate with us all the time but without words or conversation.? Instead, they use body language, facial expressions and some vocalisations to let us know what they feel and think. Being able to pick up on these signals will ultimately improve your relationship. The first step in improving dog to people communication is to make sure your puppy receives appropriate and adequate socialisation in the proper manner and at the proper time. Your Dog?s sensory world Dogs use sophisticated ways of communication with other dogs, using: Vocalisations and sounds -?A dog?s hearing is about 4 times more acute than human?s, leading dogs to react to sounds that human cannot even hear. This can lead to misunderstanding of some dog?s reactions and behavior. Pheromones -?These are species-specific, as are all pheromones, thus imperceptible by humans. Smells -?A dog?s sense of smell is known to be more than 1000 times more sensitive than in humans, making dogs react to signals that are imperceptible to humans. Visual signals -?Without words, dogs use body postures, ears, mouth, eyes and tail to communicate their feelings.?However, humans focus on words and do not intuitively know how to interpret canine signals.  

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Adaptil Dog Calming Tablets 10's

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